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Solo Projects

Sep 1980 7" Shock: Angel Face

    Angel Face 3.20 / R.E.R.B. 3.09 (7": RCA/BMG, RCA 14)

    Angel Face (extended) 6.27 / R.E.R.B. (extended) 5.48 (12": RCAT 14)

A-side is a cover song, B-side written by Egan/Burgess. DVD+CD available from http://www.timdry.co.uk/shock.htm

The following is a quote taken from http://www.tikandtok.pwp.blueyonder.co.uk/music.htm "Originally created as a backing track by Rusty Egan (RICH KIDS / VISAGE) and Richard Burgess (LANDSCAPE), this was presented to SHOCK to front as a way in to getting a record deal. The only members of the group actually singing on the single are Barbie Wide and L.A.Richards. We used it as the high point of our stage act, and mimed to it on TV shows throughout the summer of 1980. RCA thought of Shock as a novelty act at this time - a kind of futurist version of HOT GOSSIP, and did not give the record the push that it deserved. It should have charted but only scraped into the bottom end of the Top 70. The 12" is a tour de force of electro percussion by the two rhythmic producers, and still sounds exciting today. The B side is an instrumental by the two R's and is almost a straightforward but atmospheric 12 Bar. No input from Shock on this at all!"

March 1981 7"/12" Philip Lynott: Yellow Pearl

    Yellow Pearl [Original Single Version] 3.18 / Girls 4.01 (7": Phonogram, SOLO 3)

    Yellow Pearl 4.29 [12" Remix by Midge Ure] / Girls 4.01 (12": SOLO 312)

The line-up here was Phil Lynott, Midge Ure, Billy Currie and Rusty Egan. Originally released on Philip Lynott's LP 'Solo in Soho' in April 1980. The 12" version features the same tempo as the 7" and also an added female voice. Thanks to Vladimir Kruglov for this info.

July 1981 7"/12" Burundi Black: Burundi Black

    Burundi Black (first part) 3.22 / Burundi Black (second part) 3.33 (7": Barclay Records, BA 1)

    Burundi Black (First Part) 6.57 / Burundi Black (Second Part) 3.34 (12": BAX 1)

Originally released in 1971, this version with additional drums and remix by Rusty Egan.

1981 French/Canadian remix 12" Space: Tender Force

    Tender Force (remix) 6.15 / Robbots 3.36 (French 12" 1981: Disques Vogue 6.20081; Canadian 12" 1981: PRT Records 12 P 5016)
12" remix by Rusty Egan.

30 July 1982 7"/12" Romanelli: Connecting Flight

    Connecting Flight / Chain Reaction 3.49 (UK: 21 Records/Polydor, POSP/POSPX 484)
Romanelli is Roland Romanelli from 'Space'. Both songs written by R. Romanelli/J. Top/Rusty Egan. There is also an LP titled Connecting Flight, but Rusty didn't write any of the songs apart from this single, he only worked as a session musician.

1982 7"/12" The Cage featuring Nona Hendryx: Do What Ya Wanna Do

    Do What Ya Wanna Do 3.27 / The Slammer (UK 7": Metropolis/Island; WIP 6769)

    Do What Ya Wanna Do (Long Version) 7.36 / The Slammer 5.26 (12": 12 WIP 6769)

Producer: Rusty Egan. Writer: T. Coakley. Remixed by John Luongo.

May 1983 7"/12" Pleasure and the Beast: Dr. Sex

    Dr. Sex 3.58 / Snake (UK 7": Metropolis/Carrere, CAR 276)

    Dr. Sex (extended) 5.58 / Snake // The Creep / Rock House / Hymn (UK 12": CART 276)

'Snake' written by Egan/Pereno/Romanelli/Top. 'Rock House' written by Egan/Pereno. Vladimir informed me that 'Pleasure and the Beast' was a minor UK synth-dance band formed after the split of the 'Shock' project. Here is a link to an article about "Pleasure and the Beast": http://www.geocities.com/theblitzkids/bapleasure.html

1983 7"/12" Rusty Egan: The Twilight Zone

    The Twilight Zone 3.31 / The Other Side 5.14 (7": WEA, RUSTY 1)

    The Twilight Zone (Marius Constant) (extended version 5.25) / The Other Side (Rusty Egan) 5.05 (12" RUSTY 1T)

Produced and arranged by Rusty Egan. 'The Other Side' written by Rusty Egan. Fairlight Programming by J.J.

April 1984 7"/12" Hongkong Syndikat: Berlin

    Berlin 4.06 / Berlin (Dub Version) 4.20 (German 7": Deldec 6.14088; US 7": Sire 929 300-7)

    Berlin (Extended Version) 5.02 / Berlin (Club Mix) 5.32 (German 12": Deldec 620312; UK 12": WEA W 9300 T)

Produced by Rusty Egan.


  1. Berlin 5.06
  2. Devided By 4.10
  3. Roby 3.59
  4. Give Me the Beat 4.21
  5. The Waste 5.48

  6. Samba Olec 5.56
  7. Love 4.59
  8. Fat Girl 4.40
  9. I Need You 4.58
  10. Eloise 5.38 (LP: TELDEC 6.25721; CD 1987: TELDEC 8.25721 ZR)
Produced by Rusty Egan.

June 1984 7"/12" Pleasure and the Beast: God's Empty Chair

    God's Empty Chair / Sometimes (UK 7": Metropolis/Carrere, CAR 326)

    God's Empty Chair (dance mix) 6.00 / Sometimes (extended version) 4.45 (UK 12": CART 326)

A-side produced by Rusty Egan and Flood.

July 1984 UK 7"/12" Senate: The Original Sin

    The Original Sin 3.46 / [Theatre of Hate: Do You Believe in Westworld? - live] (UK 7": W.A.R. Records, WAR 1 / UK 7": Burning Rome Records, BRR 7)

    Original Sin (Megamix) // Original Sin (the version) / [Theatre of Hate: Do You Believe in Westworld? - live] (UK 12": 12 WAR 1)

Vladimir gave me this info: "Senate is a joint project between Rusty and Kirk Brandon. They re-recorded 'Original Sin' (a song by Kirk's old group Theatre of Hate) as a single because the song has always been one of Rusty's favourites."

Jan 1985 7" The Armoury Show: We Can Be Brave Again

    We Can Be Brave Again (single mix) / A Feeling (Parlophone R 6087)
A-side single remix by the Armoury Show and Rusty Egan. Vladimir commented: "The Armoury Show was another supergroup, it included Richard Jobson (vocals) & Russell Webb (bass guitar) from the Skids + John Doyle (drums) & the late, lamented John McGeogh (guitar) from Magazine, McGeogh also played in Visage as you know. They released an album "Waiting for the Floods" in 1985, Billy Currie guested on it, credited with violin solos."

June 1985 UK 7"/12" Spear of Destiny: All My Love (Ask for Nothing)

    All My Love (Ask for Nothing) / Last Card (7": Burning Rome/Epic, A 6333)

    All My Love (Ask for Nothing) (extended version) // Last Card / Walk in My Shadow (12": QTA 6333)

Produced by Rusty Egan. 'Last Card' mixed by Rusty & Clive Martin.


  1. Rocket Ship
  2. Up All Night
  3. Come Back
  4. World Service
  5. I Can See
  1. All My Love (Ask for Nothing)
  2. Mickey
  3. Somewhere in the East
  4. Once in Her Lifetime
  5. Harlan County (Uk LP: Burning Rome Records/Epic, EPC 26514)
Produced by Rusty Egan and Spear of Destiny.

Aug 1985 UK 12" Spear of Destiny: Come Back

    Come Back (dub remix by Rusty Egan) // Cole Younger / Young Men (Return of) (UK 12": Burning Rome/Epic, TA 6445)
Oct 1985 7"/12" Chiefs Of Relief: Freedom to Rock
    Freedom to Rock / Dream Baby (7": W.A.R. Records, WAR 3004)

    Freedom to Rock (rockin' mix) // Freedom to Rock / Dream Baby (12": 12 WAR 3004)

Rusty Egan himself told me about this single. Vladimir gave me the following additional info: "The Chiefs of Relief, who released their first ("Freedom to Rock") single on W.A.R. Records, were actually Bow Wow Wow without Annabella Lwinn at first, but by the time of this single's release they were: Matthew Ashman (BWW guitarist), Paul Cook (ex-The Sex Pistols drummer), Lens Berman (bassist) and Duncan Grig (keyboards, ex-Martian Dance). A kind of supergroup."

16 May 1988 UK 7"/12" Pulse: Whole Lotta Love

    Whole Lotta Love 2.50 / Ultra-V 4.50 (Son Records/Warner, BUA 881)

    Whole Lotta Love (dance floor edit) 6.36 [edited by Richie Rich] / Ultra-V 4.50 (12": 12 BUA 881)

Produced and arranged by Rusty Egan. A-side is a Led Zeppelin cover; a girl (Tracy Ackerman) is singing. B-side is an instrumental written by Rusty Egan. Thanks to Tobbe Eriksson (from RomoNight Synth Club in Sweden) for telling me about this single.

13 Sep 2010 digital single / 12" Rusty Egan presents Shock: R.E.R.B.

  1. R.E.R.B. (Original) 5.47
  2. R.E.R.B. (2010 Extended Version) 7.43 (digital single: Blitz Club Records; 12": BZCR001)
1 March 2017 digital album / CD / 2-CD RUSTY EGAN: WELCOME TO THE DANCEFLOOR
  1. Rusty Egan feat. Peter Hook: The Otherside 4.22
  2. Rusty Egan feat. Tony Hadley: Lonely Highway 4.48
  3. Rusty Egan feat. Andy Huntley: Hero 4.14
  4. Rusty Egan feat. Erik Stein: Love Is Coming My Way 4.03
  5. Rusty Egan feat. Erik Stein: Ballet Dancer 6.26
  6. Rusty Egan feat. Kira Porter: Be the Man 3.42
  7. Rusty Egan: Welcome to the Dancefloor 4.23
  8. Rusty Egan feat. Emily Kavanaugh: Evermore 4.35
  9. Rusty Egan feat. Arno Carstens & Andy Huntley: Dreamer 4.11
  10. Rusty Egan feat. Midge Ure: Glorious 5.39
  11. Rusty Egan feat. Nicole Clarke: Love Can Conquer All 4.22
  12. Rusty Egan: Wonderwerke 3.54
  13. Rusty Egan: Thank You 6.50 (digital album 1 March 2017: Black Mosaic; CD/LP May 2017: Black Mosaic BKMCWTTDFCDBACA01 / BKMCWTTDFCDBCA01)
    CD 2 in 2-CD:
  1. Love Can Conquer All (Paul Goodyear's SanFranDisko Club Mix)
  2. The Other Side (Youth Remix | 23 Hours to Cologne. Trans-Ambient Autobahn Ascendence Dub)
  3. Dreamer (Metroland Night Version)
  4. Welcome to the Dancefloor (Mark Reeder Wilkommen Remix)
  5. The Other Side (Kurt Baggaley Remix)
  6. Thank You (Kretz Remix) (2-CD: BKMCWTTDFCDBCA02)
June 2017 pledgemusic 12" Rusty Egan featuring Peter Hook: The Otherside
    The Otherside (Original Edit) / The Otherside (Extended Edit) //
    The Otherside (Kurt Baggaley Remix) / The Otherside (Youth 23 Hours to Cologne Trans-Ambient Autobahn Ascendant Remix) (Black Mosaic BKMCWTTDFCDBCA01)
19 Jan 2018 digital various artists remix album MUSIC TO GET HIGH TO - REMIXES AND DUBPLATES

Copyright (c) 1996-08-21 Jonas Wårstad.

Last update 2018-01-19.

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