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summer 1988 7"/12" All Systems Go: Pop Muzik
    (Germany: BMC Records 50-2142-44; UK: Unique Records, NIQ 03/NIQX 03/12NIQ 03/12 NIQX 03)

1993 German 12" Pop Muzik (Tolga's Version)

    Pop Muzik (Tolga's Version) 7.11/Pop Muzik (1979 original 12") 5.06 (Streetheat Music, STH 572)
Ian Harris told me about this 12": Side A has 2 versions of Pop Muzik, the 1979 original 12" and "Tolga's Version" which I've never heard of before. Side B is a different artist. There is no date on the record aside from a 1993 which is semi-covered by black over-printing. I assume it's an official release? It starts off with a child saying "Everyone talk about pop muzik" then goes a bit housey (Italian piano). At the chorus there are two different samples one saying "Let's talk about" and the other "pop music" neither of which I recognise. Another sample of "dance dance dance dance dance" before the "Dance in the supermarket" verse. It preserves most of the original track and is more to my personal taste than most of the '89 versions. Shame there is no credit as to who did the mix unless Tolga is a dance music person I've never heard of. There was no picture sleeve, at least with my copy..."

1996 CDM Unemployed Ministers: Pop Muzik

    (Germany, WEA 0630 11255-2)
Rock style.

1996 CDM Tip Top: Pop Muzik

    Pop Muzik (Radio Edit) (DancePool, Danupcd11)
Thanks to Emmanuel Goedseels for info. He told me: "It is a classic cover, close to the original without Robin's voice. Dave Formula produced it."

1997 CDM Discorama: Pop Muzik

  1. Pop Muzik (Radio Version) 3.32
  2. Pop Muzik (Lac Terra Remix) 6.09 [remixed by Lac Terra]
  3. Pop Muzik (CJ Bomb Remix) 5.34 [remixed by CJ Bomb]
  4. Pop Muzik (DJ Doozer Remix) 4.32 [remixed by DJ Doozer]
  5. Pop Muzik (Extended Clubmix) 5.44
  6. Bibi Baba Bobo (Clubmix) 3.46 (EMI, 7243 8 844486 2)
Produced by Bingoboys Production for Raketa Music. Thanks to Peter Hanning for the info.

1997 CDM U2: Last Night on Earth

    (contains U2's version of Pop Muzik)
Jan 1998 CDM Neural-M: Pop Muzik
    (contains Neural-M's version of Pop Muzik) (AS, 5678)
26 Aug 1998 Japanese CD TWO-B-FREE: DANCISM 2
The CD is sold by MELDAC CORPORATION (http://www.meldac.co.jp). Thanks to Natch (Natsuki Yuasa) for the information.

1998 soundtrack CD A NIGHT AT THE ROXBURY

Produced by Peter Zizzo for the W&G group.

9 Aug 1999 UK CDM Tricky: For Real

2000 German CDM M2000: Pop Muzik
  1. Pop Muzik (Radio/Video Version) 3.39
  2. Pop Muzik (Dance Version) 3.26
  3. Pop Muzik (Dance Maxi) 4.50
  4. Just a Kiss 4.08
All tracks produced by Hohenflug Lee Connery and Markus Ehinger.

7 July 2001 Japanese CDM eX-Girl: Pop Muzik

  1. Pop Muzik (Original mix) 4.50
  2. Pop Muzik (Yoshihiro Sawasaki Remix) 7.33
  3. Tozka 5.02
  4. Swanky *Spunky* Slinky 4.20 (HiBOOM, PQCD-10010)
Robin Scott performed with eX-Girl on their US SXSW tour in March 2001. Thanks to Natch (Natsuki Yuasa) for info on this single.

17 May 2010 digital single We've Got a Fuzzbox and We're Gonna Use It: Pop Muzik

Copyright (c) 1996-08-04 Jonas Wårstad.

Last update 2010-05-16.

Thanks to Ian Harris for help.

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