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Various pseudonym projects and productions

May 1966 7" Johnny Young: Step Back

    Step Back (Wright/Young)/Cara-Lyn
Produced by Easybeats. The original 'Easybeats' demo is available on the various artists CD "The Clarion Call".

1970 UK pseudonym 7" Paintbox: Get Ready for Love

    Get Ready for Love 3.20/Can I Get to Know You 2.03 (UK 7" 1970: Youngblood YB 1013; reissue Oct 1971: YB 1029)
Both tracks are available as downloads from the download album "Young Blood Singles Collection - Vol 1" from Amazon.

1970 pseudonym 7" Tramp: Vietnam Rose

    Vietnam Rose 2.46/Each Day 3.28
    (UK 7": Youngblood, YB 1014; German 7": Youngblood DV 11095; French 7": Egg, BLY 640 011)
Both tracks are available as downloads from the download album "Young Blood Singles Collection - Vol 1" from Amazon.

1970 UK pseudonym 7" Eddie Avana: Children

    Children 3.29/Sarah Jane (UK 7": Youngblood, YB 1020)
The A-side is available as download from the download album "Young Blood Singles Collection - Vol 2" from Amazon.
Thanks to Nick Warburton for telling me about this single.

summer 1970 UK pseudonym 7" Moondance: Lazy River

    Lazy River 3.49 (Vanda/Young)/Anna St. Claire 1.59 (Alexander) (A&M Records, AMS 792)
Sep 1971 non-LP UK 7" Grapefruit: Sha-Sha
    Sha-Sha 3.30/Universal Party 2.59 (UK 7": Deram, DM 343)
The A-side was written by James, the B-side by George Alexander (actually George Young's brother!). The Grapefruit album 'Deep Water' is available on CD (Repertoire REP 4364) and includes Sha-Sha and Universal Party as bonus tracks (the actual album tracks have no input from Vanda/Young).

5 Nov 1971 UK pseudonym 7" Haffy's Whiskey Sour: Shot in the Head

    Shot in the Head 3.28 [vocals by Harry]/Bye Bye Bluebird 3.14 (UK 7": Deram, DM 345)
Nov 1971 Australian 7" Vanda and Young: Lazy River
    Lazy River 3.37/Free and Easy (Albert Productions/EMI, AP-9710)
1972 unreleased UK pseudonym 7" Band of Hope: Working Class People
    Working Class People/Stay On My Side (Decca?)

8 Aug 1972 UK non-album 7" Marcus Hook Roll Band: Natural Man

    Natural Man 3.43 / Boogalooing Is for Wooing 2.55 (Regal Zonophone, RZ 3061)
Recorded on 12th June 1972 in London.

(March 1980) Australian various artists LP (+ CD) ALBERT ARCHIVES

This version sounds 'thinner', maybe it's a demo? There is info in the LP and CD, but I don't have them and can't find any good enough scans on the net.

Feb/March 1973 UK non-album 7" Marcus Hook Roll Band: Louisiana Lady

    Louisiana Lady 3.00 / Hoochie Coochie Har Kau 3.19 (Regal Zonophone, RZ 3072)
Recorded on 14th Nov 1972 in London.


  1. Can't Stand the Heat
  2. Goodbye Jane
  3. Quick Reaction
  4. Silver Shoes
  5. Watch Her Do it Now
  1. People and the Power
  2. Red Revolution
  3. Shot in the Head
  4. Ape Man
  5. Cry for Me (Australian LP: EMI, EMC-2518)
    Australian CD 1994:
  1. Natural Man 3.27 [bonus track - 1972 single - 'Albert Archives' Mono version]
  2. Louisiana Lady 2.58 [bonus track - 1973 single]
  3. Shot in the Head 3.15
  4. Can't Stand the Heat 3.06
  5. Goodbye Jane 3.32
  6. Quick Reaction 2.51
  7. The People and the Power 4.54
  8. Red Revolution 3.06
  9. Cry for Me 3.50
  10. Silver Shoes & Strawberry Wine 5.41
  11. Watch Her Do It Now 3.38
  12. Ape Man 2.52 (Albert, 475611 2)
    European CD 2014:
  1. Can't Stand the Heat 3.07
  2. Goodbye Jane 3.34
  3. Quick Reaction 3.02
  4. Silver Shoes 5.45
  5. Watch Her Do it Now 3.36
  6. People and the Power 4.51
  7. Red Revolution 3.06
  8. Shot in the Head 3.22
  9. Ape Man 2.50
  10. Cry for Me 3.48
  11. One of These Days 4.34 [previously unreleased; recorded July/Aug 1973]
  12. Natural Man 3.43 [1972 single]
  13. Moonshine Blues 3.10 [B-side Can't Stand the Heat]
  14. Louisiana Lady 3.00 [1973 single]
  15. Ride Baby Ride 3.05 [previously unreleased; recorded July/Aug 1973] (European CD 2 June 2014: Parlophone EMCX 2518/825646326532)
An excellent rock hard album bristling with energy. Recorded July/Aug 1973 in Sydney. All songs by Vanda/Young (except the B-sides written by Wally Waller). Musicians (UK): George Young: rhythm guitar, piano. Harry Vanda: lead guitar. Freddie Smith: drums. Ian Campbell: bass. Alex Young: sax. Musicians (Australia): George Young: rhythm guitar, piano, bass. Harry Vanda: lead guitar. Angus Young: guitar. Malcolm Young: guitar. John Proud: drums. Howie Casey: sax (added in UK). The LP was re-released as 'FULL FILE' in Australia (EMI EMX.107) in 1981, with all 15 tracks.

4 March 1974 UK/German 7" Marcus Hook Roll Band: Can't Stand the Heat

    Can't Stand the Heat / Moonshine Blues (UK 7" 4 March: EMI 2119; German 7" 1974: BASF 06 19196-0)


  1. Can't Stop Myself from Loving You
  2. Can't Wait for September
  3. Woman
  4. My Little Angel
  5. Can't Live without You
  6. On a Saturday Night
  7. Love Is Like a Cloudy Day
  8. Goodbye Tomorrow Hello Today
  9. Lean a Little Bit on Me
  10. Just the Way You Are
  11. Time
  12. Feelin' Alright (CD: Albert 475608-2)
Produced by Vanda-Young. All tracks written by Vanda-Young, except 'Time' written by Shakespeare-Gilbey.


  1. Hard Road 2.58 (Vanda/Young)
  2. Life Gets Better 3.06 (Wright)
  3. The Other Side 2.25 (Wright)
  4. I Got You Good 3.10 (Wright)
  5. Dancing in the Limelight 2.33 (Wright)
  6. Didn't I Take You Higher 5.50 (Vanda/Young)

  7. Evie, Pt 1, Let Your Long Hair Down (Vanda/Young)
  8. Evie, Pt 2, Evie (Vanda/Young)
  9. Evie, Pt 3, I'm Losing You (Vanda/Young)
  10. Movin' on up 3.11 (Wright)
  11. Commando Line 3.53 (Wright) (LP: Albert, APL-005; CD: EMI/Albert 4770692)
Produced by Vanda and Young.

May 1974 7" Stevie Wright: Evie

    Evie (Part 1) 3.55 // Evie (Part 2) / Evie (Part 3) (Albert Productions, AP-10468)
Nov 1974 7" Stevie Wright: Guitar Band
    1. Black Eyed Bruiser (Vanda/Young)
    2. The Loser (Vanda/Young)
    3. You (Vanda/Young)
    4. My Kinda Music (Vanda/Young)
    5. Guitar Band (Vanda/Young)
    6. The People & the Power (Vanda/Young)
    7. Help Help (Vanda/Young)
    8. Twenty Dollar Bill (Wright)
    9. I've Got the Power (Wright) (LP: Albert, ALPA-012; CD: EMI/Albert 4770702)
    Produced by Vanda and Young. Thanks to Louisa Took for the information.


    1. Hard Road (Vanda/Young)
    2. Evie - Part 1 (Let Your Hair Hang Down) (Vanda/Young)
    3. Evie - Part 2 (Vanda/Young)
    4. Evie - Part 3 (Vanda/Young)
    5. Life Gets Better (Wright)
    6. I Got You Good (Wright)
    7. Didn't I Take You Higher (Vanda/Young)
    8. Black Eyed Bruiser (Vanda/Young)
    9. The Loser (Vanda/Young)
    10. Help Help (Vanda/Young)
    11. Guitar Band (Vanda/Young)
    12. My Kind of Music (Vanda/Young)
    13. You (Vanda/Young)
    14. I've Got the Power (Wright) (Australian CD 1986: 465266 2)
    Tracks 1-7 produced by Vanda/Young/Wright. Tracks 8-14 produced by Vanda/Young.

    March 1976 7" William Shakespeare: Last Night

      Last Night/Toledo Bay
    Both songs produced and written by Vanda-Young. Thanks to Pablo Souto for info.

    Oct 1977 Australian coll-LP THE VANDA & YOUNG STORY VOLUME 1

    Only available on this collection LP. Sounds like it was recorded in the early 70s.


    1. Some Feelings 3.56
    2. On the Run (Gilmour/Waters) 3.01
    3. K.O. Love 6.11
    4. The World Needs a Shake 3.18
    5. Rock 'n' Roll Girl 4.05
    1. Need Your Love 5.59
    2. Shaky Knees 2.43
    3. Ambush 6.01
    4. Boogie On 3.18
    5. Teenage Blues 3.33 (Alberts, APLP.039)
    Produced by Vanda/Young. Writers unknown. http://www.bootlegzone.com/album.php?name=rard§ion=439


    1. Bang Bang
    2. Suffering Love
    3. Spend the Night
    4. Rock 'n' Roll Woman
    5. Scars of Love
    6. My Man
    7. N.I.T.E.
    8. Come & Get It
    9. Let the Love Begin
    10. I'm Yours (Australian CD: Albert 475610-2)
    All tracks composed and produced by by Vanda/Young, recorded at Albert Studios, Sydney. Vocals by Sheetah (Lydsay and Chrissie Hammond), lead guitar by Ian Miller, rhythm guitar by Ronnie Peel, bass guitar by Les Karski, keyboards by Mike Peters, drums by Ray Arnott. Thanks to Glen Goldsmith for telling me about this album. He also told me that the truth is that Vanda & Young played almost everything on Rock & Roll Women except the drums, but they credited other people. This album is mostly uncomplicated and down-to-earth rock and roll.


    1. Show No Mercy 4.23
    2. Fix of Love 3.45
    3. Spell Is Broken 4.08
    4. Heavy Woman 4.11
    5. Good Thing 4.17
    6. Love Electric 3.45
    7. Shanghai Lily 4.35
    8. You're So Cool 3.05
    9. Feel for the Night 4.01
    10. Fool No More 3.35 (Sony/Alberts 466609-2)
    All songs written and produced by Vanda and Young. A non-album track 'Your Love' was released as the B-side of Fix of Love.


    1. The Easybeats: She's So Fine (Wright/Young)
    2. Bobby & Laurie: You Got It off Me (Wright/Young)
    3. Danny Diaz & The Checkmates: It's So Easy (Wright/Young)
    4. Johnny Young & Kompany: Step Back (Wright/Young)
    5. Los Bravos: Bring a Little Lovin'
    6. Gary Walker & Rain: Come in, You'll Get Pneumonia
    7. Marmalade: Station on Third Avenue
    8. The Easybeats: Falling off the Edge of the World
    9. The Town Criers: Love, Love, Love
    10. The Valentines: My Old Man's a Groovy Old Man
    11. Flake: Life Is Getting Better
    12. Johnny O'Keefe: Rock'n'Roll Boogie
    13. Mike Furber: I'm on Fire/Watch Me Burn
    14. Allison MacCallum: Superman
    15. Bobbi Marchini: Working My Way Back to You
    16. Erl Dalby & Pyramid: Can't Wait for September
    17. Ted Mulry: Ain't It Nice?
    18. Jackie Christian & Target: Love
    19. John Paul Young: Pasadena (Vanda/Young/Hemmings)
    20. John Miles: The World Belongs to Yesterday [produced by Vanda/Young]
    21. Mark Williams: Yesterday Was Just the Beginning
    22. Ray Burgess: Love Fever
    23. William Shakespeare: Can't Stop Myself from Loving You [produced by Vanda/Young]
    24. John Farnham: Things To Do
    1. Rod Stewart: Hard Road
    2. Marcus Hook Roll Band: Natural Man 3.38 [single version - different from Marcus Hook CD version]
    3. Stevie Wright: Guitar Band [produced by Vanda/Young]
    4. John Paul Young: Love Is in the Air [produced by Vanda/Young]
    5. Bay City Rollers: Yesterday's Hero
    6. Suzi Quatro: Evie (Part 1)
    7. Stevie Wright: Evie (Part 2) [produced by Vanda/Young]
    8. Swanee: Evie (Part 3)
    9. Flash & the Pan: Hey, St. Peter [produced by Vanda/Young]
    10. Cheek: Do You Have a Soul? [produced by Vanda/Young]
    11. Sports: Wedding Ring (Wright/Young)
    12. Lee Joseph: Going out of My Mind (Wright/Young)
    13. Roy Loney & The Phantom Movers: Sorry (Wright/Young)
    14. Savoy Brown: Shot in the Head
    15. Little River Band: St. Louis
    16. Divinyls: I'll Make You Happy
    17. The Saints: The Music Goes 'round Our Heads [produced by Vanda/Young]
    18. Grace Jones: Walking in the Rain
    19. Gary Moore: Friday on My Mind
    20. Mark Williams: Show No Mercy [produced by Vanda/Young]
    21. INXS & Jimmy Barnes: Good Times (Deleted 2-CD: Sony, 471653 2)
    Contains cover versions of Vanda/Young songs by various artists. Includes a nice booklet with many colours photos (even one of Vanda/Young!) and an extensive 'Vanda/Young' story by Glenn A. Baker who also compiled this 2-CD set. It is sadly deleted now.

    19 Oct 1992 soundtrack CD/LP STRICTLY BALLROOM

      1. John Paul Young: Love Is in the Air (Ballroom Mix) 4.13 [produced by Vanda & Young and David Hirschfelder]
      8: John Paul Young: Standing in the Rain [produced by Vanda & Young] [medley with a second song] (CD: Albert/Columbia 472300-2)
    1. Slow Dance (Vanda/Young)
    2. Love into My Fire (Mark Williams/Victor Rounds)
    3. All through with Love (Vanda/Young)
    4. We Can Dream (Vanda/Young)
    5. I Can't Help You Anymore (Mark Williams)
    6. That's the Reason (Mark Williams/Victor Rounds)
    7. On the Level (Vanda/Young)
    8. My World (Vanda/Young)
    9. If I Had a Dream (Mark Williams)
    10. Like Everyone Else (Mark Williams)
    11. It's Only Love (Mark Williams/Victor Rounds) (Sony/Alberts 472211-2)
    All songs produced by Vanda and Young.


    1. She’s So Fine - The Easybeats [mimed for T.V.]
    2. Friday on My Mind - The Easybeats [live for T.V.]
    3. Over the Rainbow - Billy Thorpe & the Aztecs [live concert] [no Vanda/Young involvement]
    4. Falling in Love Again - Ted Mulry [written by Vanda/Young]
    5. Sick and Tired - Billy Thorpe & the Aztecs [live concert] [no Vanda/Young involvement]
    6. Jump in My Car - Ted Mulry Gang [no Vanda/Young involvement]
    7. Darktown Strutters’ Ball - Ted Mulry Gang [no Vanda/Young involvement]
    8. Evie (Parts 1, 2 & 3) - Stevie Wright [live concert]
    9. High Voltage - AC/DC [produced by Vanda/Young]
    10. Hey St. Peter - Flash & the Pan [written, performed & produced by Vanda/Young]
    11. Love Is in the Air - John Paul Young [written, performed & produced by Vanda/Young]
    12. Am I Ever Gonna See Your Face Again - The Angels [produced by Vanda/Young]
    13. Down Among the Dead Men - Flash & the Pan [written, performed & produced by Vanda/Young]
    14. Standing in the Rain - John Paul Young [written, performed & produced by Vanda/Young]
    15. Let There Be Rock - AC/DC [produced by Vanda/Young]
    16. Bad Boy for Love - Rose Tattoo [produced by Vanda/Young]
    17. Take a Long Line - The Angels [produced by Vanda/Young]
    18. Spend the Night - Cheeta [written & produced by Vanda/Young]
    19. We Can’t Be Beaten - Rose Tattoo [produced by Vanda/Young]
    20. Coming Down - The Angels [no Vanda/Young involvement]
    21. Show No Mercy - Mark Williams [written & produced by Vanda/Young]
      (Sony Music Video Enterprises 200549 2)
    Thanks to Martin Kunert in Australia for information about this video.

    15 Aug 2001 2-DVD/VHS collection LONG WAY TO THE TOP - 50 YEARS OF ROCK N ROLL

      (2-DVD: ABCVIDEO 1031159)
    "A three-part video set of a documentary on Australian Rock & Roll since the very start. The Easybeats, Vanda/Young and F&tP feature very heavily and there is a great interview with Harry."

    Copyright (c) 1997-06-20 Jonas Wårstad.

    Thanks to Arnaud Durieux for help with some Vanda/Young singles.

    Last update 2014-06-02.

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