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- Discography 1970-1973 -
(The Ohr Years)

  1. Geburt (Genesis) 6.00
  2. Reise durch ein brennendes Gehirn (Journey through a Burning Brain) 13.25

  3. Kalter Rauch (Cold Smoke) 11.00
  4. Asche zu Asche (Ashes to Ashes) 3.50
  5. Auferstehung (Resurrection) 3.40 (Ohr, OMM 56004)
Recorded in Oct 1969 at Mixed Media in Berlin by Edgar Froese (6 & 12 string guitar, organ, piano, broken glass), Claus Schulze (percussion, whip, metal rods, burning parchment), Conny Schnitzler (cello, violin, Addiator 2, guitar). Uncredited guests: Thomas Keyserling (flute), Jimmy Jackson (organ). Music composed by Edgar Froese, produced by Hans-Ulrich Weigel/Klaus Freudigmann.

3 Feb 1971 German 7" Ultima Thule

    Ultima Thule (Teil 1) 3.25 / Ultima Thule (Teil 2) 4.22 (Ohr, OS 57.006)
Recorded Jan ca 1971 at Dierks Studio in Cologne by Edgar Froese (guitar), Chris Franke (drums), Peter Baumann (keyboards). Music composed by Edgar Froese, produced by Tangerine Dream.

16 March 1971 German LP (+ CD) ALPHA CENTAURI

  1. Sunrise in the Third System 4.20
  2. Fly and Collision of Comas Sola 13.05

  3. Alpha Centauri 22.00 (Ohr, OMM 56 012)
Recorded in Jan 1971 at Dierks Studio in Cologne by Chris Franke (percussion, lotos flute, piano harp, zither synthesizer), Edgar Froese (guitar, gliss bass, organ, voice, coffee machine), Steve Schroyder (organ, voice, several echo machines, iron stick). Guests: Udo Dennebourg (flute and words), Roland Paulyck (synthesizer). Music composed and produced by Tangerine Dream.

autumn 1971 German live various artists 3-LP OSSIACH LIVE

Recorded live 25 June 1971 in Ossiach, Austria, by Chris Franke (drums), Edgar Froese (guitar), Peter Baumann (organ).

14 Aug 1972 German 2-LP (+ CD) ZEIT [TIME]

  1. First Movement: Birth of Liquid Plejades 20.00
  2. Second Movement: Nebulous Dawn 18.00
  3. Third Movement: Origin of Supernatural Probabilities 20.12
  4. Fourth Movement: Zeit 17.43 (Ohr, OMM 2/56021)
Recorded in May 1972 in Stommeln/Koeln by Chris Franke (vcs 3 synthesizer, cymbals, keyboard), Edgar Froese (gliss guitar, generator), Peter Baumann (vcs 3 synthesizer, organ, vibraphon). Guests: Steve Schroyder (organ), Florian Fricke (moog synthesizer on "Birth of Liquid Plejades"), Christian Vallbracht (cello), Jochen von Grumbcow (cello), Hans Joachim Brüne (cello), Johannes Lücke (cello). Music composed by Edgar Froese, produced by Tangerine Dream.

19 March 1973 German LP (+ CD) ATEM [BREATH]

  1. Atem 20.25

  2. Fauni-Gena 10.43
  3. Circulation of Events 5.49
  4. Wahn 4.31 (Ohr, OMM 556 031)
Recorded Dec 1972 - Jan 1973 at Dierks Studio in Cologne by Edgar Froes (guitar, mellotron, organ, voice), Chris Franke (percussion, organ, vcs 3 synthesizer, voice), Peter Baumann (organ, vcs 3 synthesizer, piano). Music composed by Edgar Froese, Hanspeter Baumann, Christoph Franke. Produced by Tangerine Dream and Rolf-Ulrich Kaiser.

1985? Jan 1986? US 6-LP IN THE BEGINNING....

"GREEN DESERT" is a previously unreleased album which was recorded in August 1973 by Edgar Froese and Chris Franke (without Peter Baumann who was on a long world trip). Edgar Froese then reworked/updated/remixed it in 1984 before it was finally released in this box.

Jan or March 1986 UK 6-LP IN THE BEGINNING....

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