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- Solo Discography 1992-2001 -

1992 Dutch CDM The Korgis: One Life

Pete Byrne told me: "Andy and I wrote this song in '85-'86. The original demo was very cool. Andy came out to LA and we recorded it at Wonderland (Stevie's studio). We were working on very early digital technology and the results were a little disappointing. It was never released [at the time]."

2 March 1999 CD-R Pete Byrne: I'm a Believer

  1. I'm a Believer 4.18 (Byrne)
  2. Fool out of Me 4.20 (Byrne/Taylor)
  3. Understudy 3.38 (Byrne) (PJB Music)
Planned release date was 2 March 1999, but it seems it was never released officially.

31 Aug 1999 various artists 2-CD MIX RINSE AND SPIN . VOLUME 2

25 Jan 2000 US solo CDM Pete Byrne: The World in Which We Love
  1. The World in Which We Love 4.07
  2. Here Come the Cavalry 5.06
  3. The World in Which We Love (Underwater Mix) 4.21 [remix & add. production by Geoff Pinckney of 'The Nine']
  4. The World in Which We Love (Lava Mix) 6.06 [remix & add. production by Jaren Tolman]
    (A Different Drum, ADDCD 1062)
  1. Paint It Black 4.26 (Mick Jagger/Keith Richards)
  2. Universe 4.14
  3. The Real Illusion 4.45
  4. I'd Do Anything 4.47
  5. Concrete and Clay 3.32 (Thomas Moellar/Brian Parker)
  6. The Last To Know 3.53 (Byrne/Fisher)
  7. Winter Fires 4.21
  8. The World in Which We Love 4.01
  9. Fool out of Me 4.21 (Byrne/Taylor)
  10. Here Come the Cavalry 4.58 (Byrne/Pusch)
  11. I'm a Believer 6.46 (Slip and Slide edit) (ADDCD 1074)

Copyright (c) 1999-03-02 Jonas Wårstad.

Last update 2001-07-01.

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