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1965 (?) Dutch 7" Giorgio: Cerca (Di scordare)

    Cerca / Shaba-dahba-dahbadah (Fontana YF 27806)
Music & lyrics written by G. G. Moroder, arranged by Guus Jansen (August Hendrik Jansen).

1966? 1969? German 7" Giorgio: Glaub an Mich [Believe in Me]

    Glaub an Mich (Moroder/Schmeier/Wentorf/Steenhuis) 2.27 / Stop (Moroder/Rudolf-Günter Loose/Steenhuis) 2.29 (Hansa, 18 936 AT)
1966 German/UK 7" Giorgio: Believe in Me
    Belive in Me 2.24 (Loose/Steenhuis) / Stop 2.26 (Moroder/Wentorf/Schmeier/Steenhuis) (German 7": Hansa 19 000 AT; UK 7": Page One POF 003 00/66)
1967? Italian 7" George: Stop / Believe In Me
    Stop 2.04 (Schmeier/Wentorf/Steenhuis/Moroder) / Believe In Me 2.24 (Loose/Steenhuis/Moroder) ()
1966 German/UK 7" Giorgio and The Morodians: Bla-Bla-Diddley
    Bla-Bla-Diddley 2.35 / How Much Longer Must I Wait, Wait 2.28 (German 7": Hansa 19 228 AT; UK 7" 1967: Page One POF 028 00/67)
"A STOP Production". Both songs written by Moroder/Murphy/Binder. "The Morodians" = "The 5 Dorados" from Switzerland?

1967 German pseudonym 7" Johnny Schilling: Mr. Strauss

    Mr. Strauss 2.40 (frei nach Johann Strauss/Moroder/Holm) / Alle Analphabeten - auf die Plätze fertig los! 2.25 (Moroder/Holm) (Hansa 19 558 AT)
"A Stop-Production".

1968 German 7" Giorgio: Lilly Belle

    Lilly Belle 2.16 / Love's Morning Land 2.27 (Hansa 19 862 AT)
Both songs written by Moroder & Jay. Produced unknown. Thanks to Dan magnusson and Reinhard Ludwig for info.

1968 German/Italian 7" Giorgio: Yummy Yummy Yummy

    Yummy Yummy Yummy 2.18 (A. Resnick/J. Levine) / Make Me Your Baby 2.27 (Moroder/Jay) (German 7": Hansa 14070 AT; Italian 7": Miura PON NP 40078)
Produced by Stop International. The Italian single was released as "George".

1968 German various artists LP BEAT-PARADE 1968

  1. Giorgio: Yummy Yummy Yummy 2.16 (Resnick/Levine)
  2. The Banana Crew: Simon Says (Chiprut)
  3. The Banana Crew: Mighty Quinn (Bob Dylan)
  4. Giorgio: Love's Morning Land (Moroder/Jay)
  5. The Manchester Playboys: I'm Left Alone (Simensky/Watkinson)
  6. The Jailbirds: Jailhouse Rock (Leiber/Stoller)
  1. The Banana Crew: Mony, Mony (Bloom/Cordell/Gentry/James)
  2. The Banana Crew: Jumping Jack Flash (Jagger/Richard)
  3. Giorgio: Make Me Your Baby (Moroder/Jay)
  4. The Manchester Playboys: Huff Puff (Simensky/Watkinson)
  5. The Jailbirds: Jenny Jenny (Johnson/Penniman)
  6. Giorgio: Lilly Belle (Moroder/Jay) (LP: Hansa 78171 ZT)
All tracks produced by Giorgio. Thanks to Dan Magnusson for info on this LP. He informed me that Giorgio is singing lead vocals on three of the four 'The Banana Crew' songs (not on Simon Says).

4 Sep (?) 1968 Italian film/soundtrack LP SVEZIA, INFERNO E PARADISO [SWEDEN, HEAVEN AND HELL]

"Mah-na mah-na" apparently appeared first in this film, and then became popular worldwide and was released as a single. I'm not sure if the song was only in the film or also on the original Italian soundtrack LP. I'm not sure what the writer/director Luigi Scattini has/had against Sweden, claiming it's full of naked, drunk & copulating people! :(

1968 German 7" Giorgio Moroder: Mah-na mah-na

    Mah-na mah-na 2.12 / Doo-Bee-Doo-Bee-Doo 2.07 (Ariola D 14 431 AT)
A-side written by Piero Umiliani, B-side written and arranged by Giorgio. Thanks to Robert Demetz for info. He told me that the A-side is Giorgio's own (crazy) version of the theme from the famous 'Muppet Show', and that it was included on the Italian various artists CD "ARRIVA LA BOMBA - The Easiest Italian Party of the Year" (1998, La Douce/Irma Records/Sony). Dan Magnusson informed me that it was also released in France under the name 'Stop Studio Group' (Barclay, BLY 061 153) and reissued in Jan 1977 as a German single under the name 'Stammer the Hammer' (Ariola 17 964 AT).

1969 Italian 7" George: Monja

    Monja (De Vera/Dal Finado/Jager)/Raggi di sole (G. D' Adamo) (Italian 7": Miura PON NP 40085)
Thanks to Steven Feldman for informing me about this single. Both songs sung in Italian by Giorgio Moroder, but he didn't write any of the songs. Robert Demetz added that "It was the time when Giorgio was trying to get some success in Italy. Other songs in Italian of that time was 'Looky Looky' or 'Figlio di tuo padre (Italian version of Son of My Father) or 'Senza te, senza me' and others".

1969 German 7" Giorgio: Cinnamon

    Cinnamon 2.43 (Tobin/Cymbal)/Reesy-Beesy 2.36 (Moroder/Jay) (Hansa 14196 AT)
Thanks to Juergen Wanda for info.

1969 non-LP 7" Giorgio: Moody Trudy

    Moody Trudy 2.27 (Giorgio Moroder/Pete Rainford)/Stop 3.30 (HANSA 14 454 AT)

    Moody Trudy 2.26 (Moroder/Rainford)/Reesy-Beesy 2.36 (Moroder/Fred Jay) (French 7": SG 147, AZ 10 521)

Thanks to James R. Fellows and Dan Magnusson for the information.

March 1969 non-LP 7" Giorgio: Looky, Looky

    Looky, Looky 2.39 (G. Moroder/P. Rainford) / Happy Birthday 2.13 (G. Moroder/F. Jay) (German 7": Hansa Record 14 280 AT)
Moroder in New Musical Express 9 Dec 1978: "Then in '69 came the bubblegum wave and I made a recording in Berlin, my first as both composer and producer, a song called 'Lookie, Lookie'. It did well in France, Italy and Spain, even bubbled under in America".

1969 Italian non-LP 7" George: Luky, Luky [Looky, Looky]

    Luky, Luky/Senza te, Senza me [Happy Birthday] (V. Pecchia/G. Moroder/F. Jay) (First, FR 5006)
Lyrics translated into Italian by V. Pecchia. Thanks to Dan Magnusson for information.


  1. Looky, Looky (Moroder/Rainford) [1969]
  2. Mendocino (Sahm/Holm) [new track]
  3. Mercy 2.15 (Levine/Foldman) [new track]
  4. Make Me Your Baby (Moroder/Jay) [1968]
  5. Sorry Suzanne (Stephens/McCauley) [any Moroder involvement??]
  6. Yummy Yummy Yummy (Levine/Resnick) [1968]
  1. Bad Moon Rising (Fogerty) [new track]
  2. Proud Mary (Fogerty) [new track]
  3. Aquarius/Let the Sunshine In (Rado/Ragni/MacDermot) [new track]
  4. Muny Muny Muny 3.05 (Heider/Holm) [new track]
  5. Gimme Gimme Good Lovin' (Levine/Cordell) [any Moroder involvement??] (Hansa 80 052)
  1. Giorgio: Moody Trudy [1969]
  2. Crazy Elephant: Gimme Gimme Good Lovin' [any Moroder involvement??]
  3. Giorgio: Yummy Yummy Yummy [1969]
  4. The Banana Crew: Mony Mony [1968]
  5. Cliff Carpenter Orchestra: The Mulberry Tree [no Moroder involvement]
  6. Giorgio: Looky Looky [1969]
  1. Marion: Sugar Sugar [produced by Moroder]
  2. Giorgio: Mercy 2.15 [new track]
  3. The Banana Crew: Simon Says [1968]
  4. The Countdown Five: Shaka Shaka Na Na [no Moroder involvement]
  5. Giorgio: Muny Muny Muny 3.05 [new track]
  6. Crazy Elephant: Sunshine, Red Wine [any Moroder involvement??] (SR International 92 227)

Copyright (c) 1996-10-19 Jonas Wårstad.

Last update 2013-04-19.

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