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26 April 1940: Born in Ortisei, Val Gardena, Italy.

He started playing guitar when he was 16 or 17, then left both school and home at 19 to play in what he deems "a more or less dancing group". Subsequently, he toured Europe for more than five years, even "playing at a gala in London's Savoy Hotel".

In 1967 Moroder quit touring and concentrated on songwriting in Berlin. He had already had some experience of recording and had been making demo tapes of his own.

1967-1970: First hits with Michael Holm and Ricky Shane.

1971-75: Works in Munich. First world hit with Donna Summer's 'Love to Love You Baby'.

1976-79 Makes his first trips to Los Angeles and New York.

1979 Wins first Oscar and Golden Globe for his movie 'Midnight Express'.

1980 Moves to Los Angeles.

1981-82 Lives in New York, Greenwich Village. Starts to make big neon sculptures.

1983 Moves his New York atelier to Los Angeles. Makes an exhibition of his neon works in the N. Bogard La Cienega Gallery, Los Angeles.

1984 Wins his second Oscar and two Golden Globes with the song 'Flashdance... What a Feeling'. Premiere of Metropolis/Art at the Academy of Arts and Science, Los Angeles.

1986 Exhibition at the Third Street Gallery, Los Angeles.

1987 Third Oscar and fourth Golden Globe with the track 'Take My Breath Away' (Top Gun).

1988 Designes the 16-cylinder Cizeta Moroder Super Sport Auto, together with Claudio Zampolli and Marcello Gandini.

1989 Wins First Prize at the Philadelphia Design Contest with his Cizeta Moroder Sport Auto.

1990-92 Works as songwriter, artist and producer in Los Angeles.

1993 Devotes himself to Computer Art. Makes a short film using artistic photos only. Wins two First Prizes at the Palm Springs Film Festival.

1995 Exhibits the 'Lips' series (paintings and videos) at the Dual Woche, Hamburg.

1996 Exhibition at the Chris August Work Shop in San Obisbo, California. Exhibition with Buchowsky/Michael Monfort paintings at the Elm's Lester Painting Rooms in London.

1997 Exhibition at the Galerie Leidel in Munich.

1998 Third Grammy Award with the track 'Carry On' with Donna Summer. Prepares the Giorgio Moroder Multi Art Park in Blankenburg Harz (1999).

This page was created 1998-10-11. The text is taken from New Musical Express, December 9th 1978 and from a promotional sheet handed out at the 'Moroder & Moroder Art Show' in Bolanzo, Italy, 7 Aug - 27 Sep 1998. Thanks to Paolo Pardo who translated it for me.

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