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6 Jan 1986 soundtrack 7" Quicksilver Lightning

    Quicksilver Lightning / Love Me Like You Do (Atlantic, 7-89457)
20 Jan 1986 US soundtrack LP QUICKSILVER
Produced by Alan Shacklock and Giorgio Moroder. Vocals by Roger Daltrey. Thanks to Colin Linskey for credits information.

17 Feb 1986 7"/12" Sigue Sigue Sputnik: Love Missile F1-11

    Love Missile F1-11 3.45 / Hack Attack 3.50 (7": Parlophone, R 5551)

    Love Missile F1-11 3.45 / Hack Attack 3.50 // Love Missile (dance mix) (12": 12R 5551)

'Love Missile' produced by Giorgio Moroder, 'Hack Attack' by Sigue Sigue Sputnik. Both tracks written by Dagville/James/Whitmore.

March 1986 7"/12" Sigue Sigue Sputnik: Love Missile F1-11 (2)

    Love Missile F1-11 (trailer video mix)
    Love Missile F1-11
    And Actuality Sound
    Hack Attack (Parlophone/EMI, SSS 1/12SSSX 1)
March? 1986 German 12" Sigue Sigue Sputnik: Love Missile (Bangkok Remix)
    Love Missile F1-11 (Bangkok Remix) 6.27 // Love Missile F1-11 (Dance Mix) 4.26 / Hack Attack (Dub Version) 3.52 (EMI/Parlophone 1C K 060-20 1110 6)
Love Missile F1-11 produced by Moroder. Thanks to Giovanni Pusterla for the info.


March? 1986 7"/12" Giorgia: Pirate of Love
    Pirate of Love 3.38 / Take It Or Leave It 5.14

    Pirate of Love (Brian Reeves Extended Version) 5.44 / Pirate of Love (instrumental) 5.47 //
    Take It Or Leave It 5.14 / Pirate of Love 3.38 (12": Ariola 608 419)

'Pirate of Love' composed by Moroder and Tom Whitlock, B-side by M. Paoluzzi and T. Touchton. Produced by Peter E. Luedemann and Mauro Paoluzzi.

7 May 1986 soundtrack LP (+ CD) TOP GUN

  1. Kenny Loggins: Danger Zone [music: Moroder]
  2. Cheap Trick: Mighty Wings
  3. Kenny Loggins: Playing with the Boys
  4. Teena Marie: Lead Me on [music: Moroder]
  5. Berlin: Take My Breath Away [music: Moroder]

  6. Miami Sound Machine: Hot Summer Nights
  7. Loverboy: Heaven in Your Eyes
  8. Larry Greene: Through the Fire [music: Moroder]
  9. Marietta: Destination Unknown
  10. Harold Faltemeyer & Steve Stevens: Top Gun Anthem (CD: CDCBS 70296)
Note: Colin Linskey informed me that the Top Gun Special Collector's Edition DVD includes comments from film producer Jerry Bruckheimer, Harold Faltermeyer, Giorgio Moroder, Kenny Loggins and Terri Nunn, plus the videos for Danger Zone, Take My Breath Away, Heaven in Your Eyes and Top Gun Anthem. Colin kindly transcribed some information from the DVD: Producer Jerry Bruckheimer chose Harold Faltermeyer for the score because when they worked with Giorgio on Flashdance, Harold F would arrange Giorgio's melodies and they "felt he was so energetic and so talented, they sent him the script of Top Gun and said 'Tell us what you think about this'.." Harold F said "He loved it. Let me send you something.." That was the Grammy-winning 'Top Gun Anthem'. Moroder had his first couple of songs rejected. "So I was a little disappointed"... "One song I knew would be very important was at the beginning, after the opening of the Harold Faltermeyer song, and I knew a ballad would work quite well when Tom Cruise meets the girl." Danger Zone Kenny Loggins "had just got into Tina Turner's present incarnation at the time, and I was deep into what she was doing. The rock-soul thing she was doing. So I brought that in as a model of where I wanted to take the vocal. And I think that's why I ended up singing; "Dan-ger Z-o-o-ne!!!" You know -I was doing Tina!!!" Take My Breath Away This turned into a competition between Terri Nunn and Martha Davis (The Motels). Terri was very small; Martha was very tall, "so you had the short and the long version!" According to Terri, whilst working with Moroder on No More Words he came in one day and said: "I have this song for this movie, and it's coming out next summer, and it's going to be huge and big and Tom Cruise, and it's so wonderful! And you have to do it. Would you like to do this song?" Terri said "Yeah", but Berlin's main writer/producer John Crawford said "I don't know" because he "had a problem doing music by anybody else. But I loved it. Because it was so romantic. We did the song, and it changed everything. It changed my life." She didn't sing it as a love song. "Because at the time... I had not had any love in my life for... years! I really didn't have a life, at that point. So I sang from a position of; 'Boy, wouldn't it be nice to have someone say 'Take my breath away'? To have somone there, to have someone love me, to have all this romance because I didn't. A lot of people say they hear this melancholy, this sadness in the song, and that's where I was at the time. I wasn't in anything."

1986 soundtrack 7" Kenny Loggins: Danger Zone

    Danger Zone 3.35 / I'm Gonna Do It Right 4.30
1986 soundtrack 7"/12" Berlin: Take My Breath Away
    Take My Breath Away / Radar Radio
The B-side is written by Giorgio/Tom Whitlock, and produced by Giorgio. Thanks to Colin Linskey for the information.

14 April 1986 7"/12" Limahl: Love in Your Eyes

    Love In Your Eyes 4.07 / Love Will Tear the Soul 3.47 (EMI 5558)

    Love In Your Eyes (Extended Version) // Love In Your Eyes 4.07 / Love Will Tear the Soul 3.47 (EMI 12 5558)

Thanks to Dan Magnusson for some of the information.


  1. For My Heart's Sake 3.39
  2. Love in Your Eyes 4.18
  3. Colour All My Days 4.45
  4. Working out 4.15
  5. Don't Send for Me 3.36
  6. Shock 4.27
  7. Love Will Tear the Soul 3.47
  8. Nothing on Earth 3.50 (Limahl/Griffen/Makamoto)
  9. Tonight Will Be the Night 4.09 (Limahl/Greyson)
  10. Inside out 3.32 (Oppermann/Pearson) (EMI, EMC 3510)
Thanks to Robert Shaffer for the information.

May 1986 7"/12" Sigue Sigue Sputnik: 21st Century Boy

    21st Century Boy / Buy (EMI, SSS/12SSS 2)
    21st Century Boy (German Remix) 5.58 / 21st Century Boy (Dance Mix) 5.24 (12": EMI/Parlophone 1C K 060-20 1361 6)
Thanks to Giovanni Pusterla for info on the 12". He told me "Both sides produced by Giorgio, no more infos on who made these remixes."

9 June 1986 various artists soundtrack AMERICAN ANTHEM

Produced by Giorgio Moroder.

July 1986 LP/CD Sigue Sigue Sputnik: FLAUNT IT

  1. Atari Baby 4.56 (James/Degville/Whitmore/Moroder)
  2. Massive Retaliation 4.56 (James/Degville/Whitmore/Moroder)
  3. Love Missle F1-11 4.48
  4. Sex Bomb Boogie 4.46
  5. Rockit Miss USA 6.05
  6. 21st Century Boy 5.11
  7. Teenage Thunder 5.20
  8. She's My Man 5.35
    (LP: Parlophone PCS 7305/Manhattan Records ST 53033; CD: EMI-Parlophone CDP 746 342-2)
Thanks to Robert Shaffer for album track listing. Massive Retaliation was also issued as a US 12".

(autumn 1986) European 7"/12" Sigue Sigue Sputnik: Sex Bomb Boogie

    Sex Bomb Boogie (Magic Flute) 3.29 / Dancerama 4.25 (German 7": EMI/Parlophone 1C 006-20 1564 7)
Moroder produced the A-side only.

31 July 1986 German LP/CD AMII STEWART: AMII

  1. Time is Tight (Keith Forsey/Giorgio Moroder)
  2. Power Play (Keith Forsey/Giorgio Moroder)
  3. Easy on Your Love (Tom Whitlock/Giorgio Moroder)
  4. Love in Disguise (Keith Forsey/Giorgio Moroder)
  5. Lover to Lover (Roy Freeland/Giorgio Moroder) (Ultra Phone, 826 343)
Giorgio produced half of the album only. Thanks to Jean-Christophe Federici for the information.

(1998) Italian coll-CD THE BEST OF AMII STEWART: BEST OF [1983-1988]

  1. Lover to Lover (Roy Freeland/Giorgio Moroder)
  2. Time is Tight (Keith Forsey/Giorgio Moroder) (BMG/RCA 74321584282)
Thanks to Michael A. Michaud for the information.

Oct 1986 7"/12" Sci-Fi Sex Stars: Rockit Miss USA

    Rockit Miss USA / Teenage Thunder (UK: Sputnikco WM 1001)
This is actually a Sigue Sigue Sputnik single released under the pseudonym 'Sci-Fi Sex Stars'. Thanks to Erik Nilsson for telling me about this single.


This track co-written (but not produced by) Giorgio Moroder. Thanks to Rick Pierce for info. Dan Magnusson informed me that this track was also issued on the B-side of a German single "Veronica Verrai" (by Adriano Celentano, also from this LP) in Germany in 1987 (Teldec 6.14729).


This track co-written but not produced by Giorgio Moroder. Thanks to Dan Magnusson for info.

9 Feb 1987 soundtrack LP/CD OVER THE TOP

  1. The Winner Takes It All [Sammy Hagar] [produced by Moroder/Hagar/VanHalen]
  2. In This Country [Robin Zander]
  3. Take It Higher [Larry Greene]
  4. All I Need Is You [Big Trouble]
  5. Bad Nite [vocals: Frank Stallone] [produced by Moroder/Stallone/Schless]
  6. Meet Me Half Way [Kenny Loggins]
  7. Gypsy Soul [Asia]
  8. The Fight [various artists]
  9. Mind over Matter [Larry Greene]
  10. I Will Be Strong [Eddie Money] [produced by Moroder/Zito] (CD: CBS 450 484-2)
All songs written by Moroder/Whitlock except where indicated.
All songs produced by Giorgio Moroder except where indicated.

Thanks to Robert Shaffer for some of the information.

Feb? 1987 soundtrack 7"/12" Kenny Loggins: Meet Me Half Way

    Meet Me Half Way 3.31 / Giorgio Moroder: Semifinal 3.45 [G. Moroder] (CBS 650432-7/6)
Thanks to Dan Magnusson for the information.

18 May 1987 soundtrack LP (+CD) BEVERLY HILLS COP II

  1. Shakedown 4.01 [performed by Bob Seger; produced by Harold Faltermeyer/Keith Forsey]
  2. Be There 4.14 [performed by Pointer Sisters; produced by Narada Michel Walden]
  3. In Deep 3.32 [performed by Charlie Sexton; produced by Keith Forsey]
  4. Hold on 3.43 [performed by Corey Heart; produced by Giorgio Moroder]
  5. I Want Your Sex 4.44 [performed and produced by George Michael]
  6. Better Way 4.09 [performed by James Ingram; produced by Andre Cymone]
  7. Love/Hate 3.59 [performed by Pebbles; produced by Andre Cymone]
  8. Cross My Broken Heart 4.05 [performed by The Jets; produced by Stephen Bray/Michael Verdick]
  9. 36 Lovers 4.16 [performed and produced by Ready for the World]
  10. I Can't Stand It 4.04 [performed by Sue Ann; produced by Howie Rice]
  11. All Revved up 4.00 [performed by Jermaine Jackson; produced by Giorgio Moroder]
    (CD: 254 782-2/MCAD 6207)
15 July 1987 soundtrack LP SUMMER SCHOOL
  1. Danny Elfman: Happy [produced by Danny Elfman and Steve Bartek]
  2. E.G. Daily: Mind Over Matter [roduced by Stock Aitken Waterman]
  3. Elisa Fiorillo: Jackie [written and produced by Billy Steinberg and Tom Kelly]
  4. Tonio K.: I'm Supposed To Have Sex with You [produced by Rick Neigher]
  5. E.G. Daily: Seduction [produced by Gardner Cole]//
  6. Paul Engemann: Brain Power [produced by Giorgio Moroder]
  7. Tami Show: All I Want from You [produced by Mike Chapman]
  8. Tone Norum: Second Language [produced by Joe Curiale]
  9. The Fabulous Thunderbirds: My Babe [produced by Denny Bruce]
  10. Billy Burnette: Get an Education [written and produced by David Malloy/Billy Burnette]
Thanks to Fumito Murakami for the information.

late 1987 7"/12" Falco Meets Brigitte Nielsen: Body Next To Body

    Body Next To Body (Rock Version) 4.18 / Body Next To Body (The Other Version) 4.16 (7")

    Body Next To Body (Dance Mix) 6.18 // Body Next To Body (Rock Version) 6.30 / Body Next To Body (The Other Version) 6.22 (12")

Written by Moroder/Whitlock/Falco. Produced by Moroder.


  1. When the Love Is Good 3.38 (Moroder/Whitlock)
  2. Say Yes 3.33
  3. One More Arrow 3.49
  4. Cool Jerk 3.46
  5. What About You and Me 3.52
  6. Dangerous 3.32
  7. Crazy World (Moroder/Whitlock)
  8. Trains and Boats and Planes 3.50
  9. I Like It 3.06
  10. Lipstick 3.15
1,5,8,10 produced by Giorgio Moroder/Brian Reeves. 2 produced by Giorgio Moroder/Brian Reeves/Terry Wilson. 3,7 produced by Giorgio Moroder. 4 produced by Giorgio Moroder/Richie Zito. 6 produced by Giorgio Moroder/Brian Reeves/Ken Rose. 9 produced by Giorgio Moroder/Tom Whitlock/Terry Wilson.

March 1988 7"/12" Big Trouble: When the Love Is Good

    When the Love Is Good 3.41 / Last Kiss 4.50 (7": Epic/CBS 651 492-7)

    When the Love Is Good 3.41 // Lipstick 3.14 / Last Kiss 4.50 (Epic/CBS 651 492-6)

May 1988 7"/12"/CDS Big Trouble: Crazy World
    Crazy World 3.16 / Say Yes 3.32 / Trains and Boats and Planes 3.49 (Epic/CBS 651 625-7/6)
June 1988 soundtrack LP/CD RAMBO III
Only the two songs above are produced by Moroder. Thanks to Robert Shaffer for the information.

15 Aug 1988 7"/12"/CDM Bill Medley: He Ain't Heavy, He's My Brother

    He Ain't Heavy, He's My Brother / The Bridge (instrumental) (7": Polydor PO 10)

    He Ain't Heavy, He's My Brother // The Bridge (instrumental) / It's Our Destiny (12": PZ 10)

  1. He Ain't Heavy, He's My Brother
  2. The Bridge (instrumental)
  3. It's Our Destiny (CD-maxi: PZCD 10)
Curtis Malone informed me 13 Feb 2005: "I just got my copy of "Bill Medley "He ain't heavy, he's my brother" 45 with picture sleeve. The B-side is "The Bridge" (instrumental.) I love the instrumental version. The saxaphone takes the place (very nicely) of where the lyrics are usually sung. The label on the B-side indicates "Giorgio Moroder with Joe Pizzullo" - although it's an instrumental version with no lyrics/singing at all."

15 Aug 1988 7"/12"/CDM Koreana: Hand in Hand

    Hand in Hand 4.12 / Victory 3.39 (Polydor, PO 13)

    Hand in Hand 4.12 // Victory 3.39 / Hand in Hand (instrumental) (Polydor, PZ 13)

  1. Hand in Hand 4.12
  2. Victory 3.39
  3. Hand in Hand (Instrumental) 4.12
  4. Hand in Hand (Extended) 5.01 (Polydor 887 730-2)
Song written for the 1988 Olympics in Seoul, Korea. Thanks to Giovanni Pusterla for info on the CD-Maxi.

9 Sep 1988 soundtrack ANOTHER WAY

  1. Another Way (Jennifer Rush)
  2. Ocean Battle (Giorgio Moroder)
  3. Stop That Thief (Cheap Trick)
  4. The Submarine (Giorgio Moroder)
  5. The Berlin Theme (Giorgio Moroder)
  6. Open up (Giorgio Moroder Group featuring Beth Andersen)
  7. Car Chase (Giorgio Moroder)
  8. Sometimes Sparks Fly
  9. Another Way (Instrumental version) (Epic, 25-8P-5095)
Thanks to Rick Pierce for the information.

1988 Italian soundtrack FAIR GAME MAMBA [a.k.a 'MAMBA']

  1. I Am Alive (performed by Edie Lehmann)
  2. Listen To Your Heart (performed by Koreana)
  3. One on One (performed by Joe Pizullo)
  4. Heaven Now (performed by Joe Pizullo)
  5. Singing to the Sky
  6. Opening
  7. Love theme (from 'Fair Game')
  8. Suspense
  9. Chase (from 'Fair Game') (Ariola, 209 820)
Released in the US 14 March 1989 as 'Mamba'.
All songs: music by Giorgio Moroder, lyrics by Tom Whitlock. Background vocals: Debbie McClendon Smith/Marietta Waters. Thanks to Jean-Christophe Federici for the information.


  1. Hand in Hand 4.12
  2. Stay 4.07
  3. Love Away 4.06
  4. Loving You, Loving Me 4.11
  5. Restless Heart 4.15
  6. Victory 3.39
  7. Listen to Your Heart 3.49
  8. Live My Life 3.53
  9. Running Like the Wind 3.50
  10. Call My Name 4.27 (Polydor 836-111-1/2)
Music by Giorgio Moroder, lyrics by Tom Whitlock. Produced by Giorgio Moroder. Far too soft for me, but 3 comes close to what he used to do in 1984, and 6 is the best track - fast and tough.


Written but not produced by Giorgio. Italy disco. Various different CDs exist. Like a Yo Yo was released as a single.

1989 US soundtrack LET IT RIDE

  1. Win Or Lose [music by Moroder/Whitlock?; vocals by Jeffrey Roz]
  2. Money Talks [music by Moroder/Whitlock?; vocals by Sherwood Ball]
All songs written by Moroder. Thanks to Colin Linskey for the information.

1989 12"/CDM Blondie: Call Me (The Ben Liebrand Remix)

    Call Me (The Ben Liebrand Remix) // Backfired / Call Me (original version) (12": Chrysalis CHS 12 3342)
  1. Call Me (Ben Liebrand Remix)
  2. Backfired
  3. Call Me (Original Version)
  4. Hanging on the Telephone (CD-Maxi: CHSCD 3342)
Thanks to Mamoru Samejima and Giovanni Pusterla for this info. Mamoru says: "This is a very nice remix version with phone pulse tone, keeping a sense of the original version."

1989 7"/CDM Edoardo Bennato & Gianna Nannini: Un 'Estate Italiana

    Un 'Estate Italiana 4.07 / Un 'Estate Italiana (karaoke version)
  1. Un 'Estate Italiana (stadium version) 4.50
  2. Un 'Estate Italiana (single version) 4.07
  3. Un 'Estate Italiana (karaoke version) 4.07 (Virgin 662 913)
Music by Giorgio Moroder, lyrics by Bennato/Nannini/Whitlock. This is the original Italian version of the official song of Fifa World Cup in Italy. Thanks to Giovanni Pusterla for information on the CD-single.

Copyright (c) 1996-10-19 Jonas Wårstad.

Last update 2006-02-28.

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