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1975 cassette THURSDAY THE 12th (JAGUAR)
    John Walters himself told me about this very first release. I have no further info about it, sorry.

    Nov (?) 1977 live 7" U2XME1X2MUCH

      U2XME1X2MUCH 6.40 // Don't Gimme No Rebop 3.40 / Sixteen 5.30 (Event Horizon, EVE 137)
    U2XME1X2MUCH [= You two-timed me one time too much] recorded live July 1977 at the Stapleton. Don't Gimme No Rebop & Sixteen recorded at The Swan in London. Andy Pask: bass guitars. Richard Burgess: drums. Peter Thoms: electric trombone. John Walters: electric soprano sax & alto flute. Christopher Heaton: electric piano.

    1978 7" Workers' Playtime

      Workers' Playtime 3.36 / Nearly Normal 4.10 // Too Many Questions (Don't Ask Me Why) 5.55 (Event Horizon, EVE 139)

    autumn 1979 LP (+ CD) LANDSCAPE: LANDSCAPE

    1. Japan 3.11
    2. Lost in the Small Ads 4.05
    3. The Mechanical Bride 3.24
    4. Neddy Sindrum 3.40
    5. Kaptin Whorlix 3.46
    1. Sonja Henie 3.28
    2. Many's the Time 3.25
    3. Highly Suspicious 3.36
    4. Gotham City 3.37
    5. Wandsworth Plain 3.03 (LP: RCA PL 25248; French CD 1992: Demon Records/Mau Mau MAUCD 618; UK CD 23 Nov 2009: Cherry Red Records CRPOP36)
    Produced and engineered by Greg Walsh at Utopia, The Manor and Audio International, Summer 1979.
    Issued as a '2LPs on 1 CD' in France in 1992 (FROM THE TEA-ROOMS OF MARS... + LANDSCAPE) and again in UK 2009 (LANDSCAPE + MANHATTAN BOOGIE-WOOGIE).

    1979 7"/promo 12" Japan

      Japan / Gotham City (7": RCA PB 5183; promo 12": PC 5183)
    1979 7" Sonja Henie
      Sonja Henie 3.28 / Wandsworth Plain 3.03 (7": RCA, PB 5259)

    14 March 1980 7" European Man

      European Man 3.35 [single version] / The Mechanical Bride 3.22 [from 1979] (RCA, EDM 1)
    Produced by Landscape and Colin Thurston Winter 1979/1980.

    Sep 1980 Richard Burgess project 7"/12" Shock: Angel Face

      Angel Face 3.20 / R.E.R.B. 3.09 (7": RCA/BMG, RCA 14)

      Angel Face (extended) 6.27 / R.E.R.B. (extended) 5.48 (12": RCAT 14)

    Richard Burgess and Rusty Egan (from 'Visage'). A-side is a cover song, B-side written by Egan/Burgess. Sounds very much like a mixture of Landscape and Visage. DVD+CD available from http://www.timdry.co.uk/shock.htm

    The following is a quote taken from http://www.tikandtok.pwp.blueyonder.co.uk/music.htm "Originally created as a backing track by Rusty Egan (RICH KIDS / VISAGE) and Richard Burgess (LANDSCAPE), this was presented to SHOCK to front as a way in to getting a record deal. The only members of the group actually singing on the single are Barbie Wide and L.A.Richards. We used it as the high point of our stage act, and mimed to it on TV shows throughout the summer of 1980. RCA thought of Shock as a novelty act at this time - a kind of futurist version of HOT GOSSIP, and did not give the record the push that it deserved. It should have charted but only scraped into the bottom end of the Top 70. The 12" is a tour de force of electro percussion by the two rhythmic producers, and still sounds exciting today. The B side is an instrumental by the two R's and is almost a straightforward but atmospheric 12 Bar. No input from Shock on this at all!"

    23 Jan 1981 7"/12" Einstein A-Go-Go

      Einstein A-Go-Go 2.58 / New Religion 3.09 (7" 23 Jan: RCA 22)

      Einstein A-Go-Go (Extended Version) 5.26 / Japan (Extended) 4.58 (12" 13 March: RCAT 22)

    1. European Man 4.20 [updated album version]
    2. Shake the West Awake 3.23
    3. Computer Person 2.57
    4. Alpine Tragedy 1.36
    5. Sisters 3.06
    6. Face of the 80s 3.26
    7. New Religion 3.12

    8. Einstein a Go-Go 2.59
    9. Norman Bates 5.36
    10. The Doll's House 5.23
    11. From the Tea-Rooms of Mars ...To the Hell-Holes of Uranus 7.24 [Part 1 Beguine 2.40/Part II Mambo 2.19/Part III Tango 2.28]
      (LP/MC: RCA LP 5003/RCA K 5003)

      CD bonus tracks:

    12. Eastern Girls 3.11 (from 1982 LP)
    13. It's Not My Real Name 5.20 (from 1982 LP)
    14. So Good So Pure So Kind (Extended Version) 4.17 (single Feb 1983 as 'Landscape III')
    15. You Know How To Hurt Me (Extended Version) 6.44 (single April 1983 as 'Landscape III')
      (UK CD 22 April 2002: Cherry Red Records CDMRED 209; reissue CD 2013: CDMRED 209)
    Produced by Landscape Summer 1980. Richard James Burgess: vocals, computer programming, synthesizers, electronic and acoustic drums and percussion. Christopher Heaton: keyboards, vocals. Andy Pask: fretless and fretted bass guitars, bass synthesizers, vocals. Peter Thoms: electric, electronic and acoustic trombone, vocals. John L. Walters: computer programming, wind synthesizers, soprano sax, flute, vocals.

    22 May 1981 7"/12" Norman Bates

      Norman Bates [7" edit] 3.38/From the Tea-Rooms of Mars... part III 2.28 (7": RCA 60)

      Norman Bates [12" edit] 3.45/From the Tea-Rooms of Mars... parts I, II & III 7.24 (12": RCAT 60)

    The 12" edit of Norman Bates lacks the 'speech' at the end.

    3 Oct 1981 reissue 7"/12" European Man

      European Man / Mechanical Bride 3.24 (7": RCA EDM 1)

      European Man 6.25 / Mechanical Bride 3.24 (12": EDMT 1)

    Reissued with a new cover.

    Oct 1981 Richard Burgess project 7"/12" Shock: Dynamo Beat

      Dynamo Beat 2.27 / Dream Games 2.57 (7": RCA/BMG, RCA 133)

      Dynamo Beat (extended) / Dream Games (extended) (12": RCAT 133)

    Written by Tik and Richard James Burgess. Produced by Richard James Burgess. Additional arrangement by John Walters. Sounds very much like Landscape. DVD+CD available from http://www.timdry.co.uk/shock.htm

    12 Feb 1982 7"/12" It's Not My Real Name

      It's Not My Real Name [7" mix] 3.07 / Mistaken Identity 2.43 (7": RCA 186)

      It's Not My Real Name [12" version] 5.16 / (A Case of) Mistaken Identity 3.42 (12": RCAT 186)

      It's Not My Real Name (Remixed Version) 6.49 [remix by David Carpin] / Manhattan Boogie-Woogie 4.30 (US 12": RCA 13296)

    1. One Rule for the Rich 4.11
    2. Manhattan Boogie-Woogie 4.30
    3. Colour Code (Tell Me Something New) 3.46
    4. The Long Way Home 4.44
    1. It's Not My Real Name 5.22
    2. Bad Times 4.10
    3. Eastern Girls 3.12
    4. When You Leave Your Lover 3.37 (RCA LP 6037; UK CD 23 Nov 2009: Cherry Red Records CR POP 36)
    Issued on CD in 2009 as a '2LPs on 1 CD' (LANDSCAPE + MANHATTAN BOOGIE-WOOGIE). According to the label "We used the original master tapes in the production of the Landscape CD release CRPOP36. They were transferred from the original analogue production masters to a digital format to complete the mastering task."

    May 1982 7"/12" Eastern Girls

      Eastern Girls 3.11 / Back on Your Heads 2.56 (7": RCA 219)

      Eastern Girls 6.30 / Back on Your Heads 5.41 (12": RCAT 219)

    11 Feb 1983 7"/12" Landscape III: So Good, So Pure, So Kind

      So Good, So Pure, So Kind 3.30 / The Fabulous Neutrinos (7": RCA 311)

      So Good, So Pure, So Kind (Extended Version) 4.17 / The Fabolous Neutrinos (Extended Club Version) 5.32 (12": RCAT 311)

    Called 'Landscape III' because they were only three members now (Richard James Burgess, John Walters and Andy Pask) and also because it's the third landscape line-up.

    April 1983 7"/12" Landscape III: You Know How To Hurt Me

      You Know How To Hurt Me 3.35 / Feel So Right 2.46 (7": RCA 333)

      You Know How To Hurt Me (Extended Version) 6.44 / Feel So Right (Extended Version) 4.42 (12": RCAT 333)

    Dec 1983 Richard Burgess solo project 7"/12" Tik & Tok: Screen Me, I'm Yours

      Screen Me, I'm Yours / Dangerous and Unafraid (7": Survival Records, SCREEN 3 / SCREEN 5)

      Screen Me, I'm Yours (extended) //
      Dangerous and Unafraid (dub mix) / The Garden (4-track bedroom demo instrumental) (12": SUR 12 020)

    Thanks to Vladimir for info on this single. He told me 20 March 2006: "Richard Burgess also had a hand at writing of a song 'Screen Me, I'm Yours', which was a single for the UK synth-pop duo Tik & Tok (two guys from the Shock project). Actually that song was written by Burgess and Tik (Tim Dry) back in 1981 for Shock, but the troupe split up. In 1984 'Screen Me, I'm Yours' was recorded and released as a 7" & 12" single on cult UK electro label 'Survival Records'. The writing credits were as above, the production and instruments were credited to Tik, except the bass guitar that was played by Joe Hubbard (Gary Numan's musician at the time). The B-side had no input from Burgess."

    1984 US/Dutch solo promo 7"/"12" Richard James Burgess: Breathless

      Breathless 3.10 / Breathless 3.10 (US promo 7": Capitol Records, P-B-5367)

      Breathless (Extended Version) 6.47 // (Dub Version) 5.44 / (Single Version) 3.10 (US 12": Capitol Records V-8591; Dutch 12": 1A K062-20 0309 6)

    All tracks written by R. Burgess & J. Walters, arranged by Jimmy Biondolillo, mixed by John Luongo.

    13 July 1984 US solo mini-LP RICHARD JAMES BURGESS

    1. Breathless 3.10
    2. The Fugitive 3.39
    3. Thank You, Ladies 3.38
    1. Beside Myself with You 3.46
    2. Your Love 3.19
    3. Swim To Me 3.37 (US: Capitol, MLP-15019)
    John Walters' comments 12 Oct 2004: "Made in New York in late 1983. I worked on the basic tracks - MC4 guides, etc. - and co-wrote all but one of (I think) ten songs, some originally written for the short-lived Landscape III. 'Breathless' uses a chordal keyboard lick reminiscent of Oliver Nelson and Cannonball Adderley . . . it's a love song. Jimmy B [the arranger] - what a great guy! - put Richard in touch with musicians and engineers and generally made us feel comfortable about working in a new town . . . Don Wershba, who later worked with me on the Mike Gibbs album Big Music (check out your Penguin Guide to Jazz) was one of the assistant engineers . . . lots of really good people involved. Richard played/programmed all the drums. Jimmy also worked a lot with Mike Thorne - he arranged the horns on Blind Vision by Blancmange, for example."

    1 Nov 1984 US solo 12" Richard James Burgess: The Fugitive

      The Fugitive (Extended Club Version) 7.30 / (Dub Version) 7.12 (US 12": Capitol Records V-8615)

    Nov 1991 DJ remix 12" Einstein A Go-Go (Rude Mix)

      Einstein A Go-Go (Rude Mix) 5.45 (DJ-only 4-track 12", DMC 106/3)
    Remixed by 'The Well Hung Parliament'. Mike Koglin: additional instrumentation + tricky programming bits. Thanks to Uffe Silverup for telling me about this remix.

    Copyright (c) 1996-08-13 Jonas Wårstad.

    Thanks to Richard Peat for helping.

    Last update 2009-11-07.


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