"The Secrets of Dealing with Difficult and Annoying Co-workers"

By Jonas Wårstad

Discover how to instantly deal with irritating co-workers, so you can enjoy your work-life again!

As testified by a psychology professor, and recommended by bestselling author John Harricharan (When You Can Walk on Water, Take the Boat) and others, The Secrets of Dealing with Difficult and Annoying Co-Workers will show YOU:

The simple 8-word sentence that will stop whining, complaining co-workers in their tracks.

Secret techniques to avoid ever having to listen to the office chatterbox ever again.

How to stop the “Wannabe boss” from bossing you around for good.

Simple secrets to handling co-workers who just want to stick you with their work.

Clear advice for stopping Mr. "Wisecrack" having a laugh at your expense, for good.

The secrets to keeping "Mr. Nosy" in his place and bother someone else instead!

The way to shut "The Stealth Mode Criticizer" up for good. No more back-stabbing comments dressed up as “jokes”!

How to act when Mr. Rude tries to make you feel small and insignificant!

The effective way to deal with insensitive employees who don’t seem to pick up on other people’s feelings and act in a way that pisses everyone off.

How to deal with colleagues who put you down with dumb comments.

The honest truth about dealing with angry employees in a firm but fair manner (without making a scene!).

Dealing with sulky employees who hold a grudge long after most people have forgotten it.

And finally, especially for the ladies, how to deal with Mr. Sex Talk!

It is available as as kindle/e-book on Amazon.

If you prefer audio book format, here is a direct link: The Secrets of Dealing with Difficult and Annoying Co-workers - Audio book


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