Jonas Wårstad - A short biography

Born in 1965 in Sweden, I have always been interested in the unknown. The unfathomable. The mysteries of the mind. Secret Knowledge. And for as long as I remember I have also been an avid reader of books on popular science, popular psychology, philosophy, unexplained mysteries, body language, positive thinking, hypnosis, the power of the mind, meditation, healing, reflexology — anything that expanded my inner world and explained the outer world. As a free thinker I was never really interested in any formal psychology training. I was more into knowledge that regular schools couldn't offer: strategic thinking, conversational hypnosis, psychological tactical skills, “secret mental tricks” — all in order to find the magic phrase or magic way to deal with all sorts of people and all sorts of situations.

In more recent years, around 2010, I started to study a new range of self-improvement methods and techniques. I bought books and distance courses as well as "real" courses in body language, micro facial expressions, NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming), life coaching, EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques), Law of Attraction, hypnosis, energy medicine, etc., as well as various self defense techniques. All of these courses and techniques were like Version 2,0 of everything I had read previously and gave me a lot of power in life.

Nowadays I'm also a part time instructor in many of these techniques. While this may sound like I “try to know everything” it is in fact no more than my never-ending curiosity about how to improve one's life. Having a broad knowledge puts things in a bigger perspective and helps me realize how everything is connected. In the end it is also about the concept of peace and power. Without both, you have neither.


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